Nautical Whisky Set


Nautical Whisky Set

Product code: 1480 40
Size: 3.1″ x 3.5″ (80 x 88 mm)

The nautical whisky set with the motif of an anchor and a ship’s wheel will not only be appreciated by mariners, but also by those who love the occasional glass of golden whisky.

This is a unique mini-collection which has been created in association with Crystalex. Crystalex is one of the leading manufacturers of utility glass. It owns the exclusive Bohemia Crystal®and Bohemia Glass® trademarks.

Their utility glass is produced from top quality, lead-free glass which is distinguished by its high utility properties.

The set of glasses is decorated with nautical motifs which have been decorated with a Preciosa cut stone. The packaging contains two glasses and one stopper for a standard 18.5mm bottle.