A Crystal Chandelier – The Eternal Gem of Your Interior

Bohemia Lux Ltd. is an official PARTNER FOR BULGARIA for the Czech company Preciosa Lighting, which is a crystal chandeliers and decorative glass lighting manufactor.

Preciosa lighting is a part of Preciosa Group which is one of the world’s top leading companies in the field of high-precision cut crystal components. Preciosa’s high- quality  crystal is without analogue owing to the natural  resources of the Bohemian region -a UNESCO Wold Heritage Site. The highest standards of craftsmanship, unique technical know-how and the distinctiveness of these designs have today guaranteed Preciosa a place among the world’s leading producers of top-quality cut crystal.


Emblematic buildings in the world are lightened by Preciosa’s chandeliers and the most beautiful hotels in the world are decorated  by Preciosa’s glass projects.

Preciosa’s impressive product range also includes jewellery, gift items, crystal components for the jewellery and fashion industries and the legendary, beautifully cut crystal beads.

Preciosa’s traditions in glassmaking and craftsmanship dates from 1724

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