There is only one place on earth – the Crystal Valley
The Original Birthplace of Bohemian Crystal

Here over 460 years of glassmaking tradition, unique natural resources, and the love of glass come together. More than 300 years ago, the Crystal Valley gave birth to Bohemian Crystal. Soon after came the first cut and polished stone in the world, the first majestic chandelier, and the tiniest of treasures, the glass seed bead. It was also here that man first created magical, sparkling, ever-enduring crystal jewellery.

The Crystal Valley is also home to PRECIOSA and our very own Czech Glass

Preciosa continue the glassmaking tradition that started in the Crystal Valley when the first kiln was fired up in 1548 – and they build on it with the latest techniques and most modern processes.

Preciosa gave the world Bohemian Crystal and today their R&D laboratories are constantly developing innovative new products. Every year the company push beyond the limits of what is possible, as far as glass and crystal are concerned.

Preciosa is a leading international glass manufacturer. For decades they have brought, and continue to bring, new blood to the art of glassmaking through creative ideas, colour and their brilliant glass and crystal components.

PRECIOSA Gives the World the First Cut Stone – The Chaton

The brilliant little Bohemian stones wере first created here, over three hundred years ago.
They gain unprecedented popularity, and by the end of the 18th century they conquer the European market. These stones, which the whole world knows, are inspired by this first stone that In 1999 PRECIOSA has improved the production of its stones over the years and added a new product: cubic zirconium – the diamond look-alike.

PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia and Gems produces these little treasures in a hardness of 9 Mohs (natural diamonds are classified as 10) and with a refractive index of 2.28 (diamond have 2.4). These stones, for the first time ever, can be cut just like a diamond – with 56 + 1 facets!