Brilliant Set

Brilliant Set

Product code: 1479 42
Size: 2.4″ x 10.4″ (60 x 265 mm)

The set of glasses which goes by the brilliant name of the Brilliant Set is suitable for various types of social events. Its uniqueness lies in the highly brilliant stems which are decorated with Czech crystal stones by Preciosa. They shine unbelievably whenever the sun’s rays hit them.

The Brilliant Set is a mini-collection of glasses which has been created in association with Crystalex. Crystalex is one of the leading manufacturers of utility glass. It owns the exclusive Bohemia Crystal®and Bohemia Glass® trademarks.

Their utility glass is produced from top quality lead-free glass which is distinguished by its high utility properties.

The set of champagne glasses is decorated with cut stones by Preciosa which are placed inside the glass stems of the glasses.