Cleaning Crystal Chandeliers


It is not difficult to clean a chandelier, you just have to follow several easy steps and it might even become fun. In Bohemia Lux we tried several procedures but the oldest one is still the best and simplest. Our grandmothers have cleaned chandeliers this way and no miraculous spray has surpassed it.

First, turn the lights off and make sure that nobody turns it on during cleaning. Gradually remove crystal rimmings from the chandelier; start from the bottom part of the chandelier. Wash the trimmings in a lukewarm etergent solution, rinse with water and wipe with a cloth. In the same way wash and dry all the glass parts of the chandelier that can be removed. Metal and glass parts that cannot be removed can be cleaned with a moistened microfibre cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaning products (or detergents).

Поддръжка и почистване на кристални полилеи

If you have a good microfibre cloth, you can wash the whole chandelier with it (without any detergent). From our experience with chandeliers’ maintenance, we recommend a proven high-quality cloth, which you can use for cleaning the whole chandelier including crystal trimmings.

If you rinse and wring the cloth, it doesn’t leave any smudges. It has a similar effect to traditional chamois leather used for cleaning cars. This way you save your money and protect the environment as well as skin on your hands which does not benefit from being in water with detergent.

In the end put back the washed and dried rimmings and parts of the chandelier. If you are afraid that you won’t remember their correct position, draw a small plan of the chandelier or take photos during dismantling.

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